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Websoft Launches New Look

This summer, Websoft Developers launched a new website, including a redesigned company logo and a new logo for the company’s flagship maintenance management solution, MobileMMS. The new Websoft Developers logo was designed to reflect the map-centric focus of the company’s offerings while embracing a modern aesthetic. Websoft has helped more than 100 clients modernize their mapping and asset management capabilities, so it was only fitting for the new logo to evoke geospatial technology applications. The MobileMMS logo maintains consistency with the Websoft Developers logo by incorporating the map pin icon and leveraging the brand’s colorful palette.

The redesigned website incorporates a sleek and intuitive user-interface, an especially important feature because ease of use is a fundamental characteristic of the solutions offered by Websoft Developers. In addition to a more contemporary style with updated logos, the new site streamlines the user experience to make capabilities and case studies more accessible. For existing MobileMMS users, there is a direct link to the login page and support portal from the new website.

Client success stories are featured prominently in all three of the company’s product categories: geospatial solutions, MobileMMS maintenance management and custom applications. Websoft will continue to publish reference projects in the coming months to highlight value-add use cases and results from existing customer applications.

The brand refresh reflects Websoft Developers’ commitment to evolving with the changing business needs and environments clients are operating in. With more than 20 years of experience, Websoft offers next-generation solutions to help organizations achieve major efficiency and cost savings while managing assets and service programs. Websoft’s new look and website complement the company’s focus on functional, user-focused solutions with best-in-class customer service and technical support.


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