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Geospatial Solutions

Websoft Developers offers a broad range of desktop and web applications to help organizations utilize spatial data. Between customized solutions and off–the-shelf products, options exist for every business case and budget. 

FacilitiesMap is a web-based solution to enhance how organizations view and utilize asset data. The power of FacilitiesMap is not only in its ability to view physical assets in real-time, but also in its ability to link data from various sources to these assets. Compatible with all types of devices in the field or office, FacilitiesMap makes it easy to securely add, update, or inventory vertical and linear asset records in seconds.


Designed to be flexible and easy to configure, multidimensional asset hierarchies can be managed within the FacilitesMap environment, including complex pipe networks, individual facility rooms, and HVAC systems. A wide range of point data can be inserted, such as individual assets like a fire hydrant or events like a water leak. Reports and field notes are associated with a new point immediately after record creation, promoting enterprise-wide situational awareness. 

Key Features of FacilitiesMap

  • ​Manage facility assets in a web-based portal

  • Centralize sanitary sewer maintenance and condition assessment

  • Comply, track and manage regulatory activities and reporting

  • Organize and execute emergency response plans

  • Promote collaboration with project management functions 

  • Link databases to map objects based on any attribute

  • Connect document management systems and legacy databases to map objects

  • Configure user system for individual authentication, including active directory

  • Manage training protocols and SOP documents

  • Integrate with existing development platforms 

  • Create custom workflows


Our tools are currently being used by more than
50 government agencies, utilities, and building managers to maximize their GIS investments. 

Custom Geospatial Solutions

Websoft Developers offers a comprehensive range of customized solutions for maximizing the value of spatial data. These solutions are uniquely designed to align with customer needs and preferences. In conjunction with spatial application development, has expertise in manipulating CAD and GIS databases. We provide CAD drafting services, scanning and vectorization, rubbersheeting and transformation, GIS attribution, map book production, map creation and software training. Examples of other geospatial solutions include: 

  • GIS hosting 

  • Web-based GIS platform development

  • Map-based groundwater database

  • Geocortex implementation

  • Data translation services

  • GIS/CAD mapping services

  • Custom map development, including GIS maps

  • Web-based map applications for organizations without GIS capabilities

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