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Websoft solutions are being used by more than 100 organizations across the country. Learn more about how our clients are benefitting from low-cost, functional asset management tools. 

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Application Development


Geospatial Solutions

City of Reno_edited.jpg
City of Reno, NV Leverages MobileMMS to Manage Infrastructure

Since 2015, Websoft has helped the City improve data collection and regulatory tracking capabilities for their wastewater system. First, Websoft created a new system to help the City create and maintain sewer compliance data. The City then implemented FacilitiesMap, a web-based GIS interface to manage and link geospatial data, including sewer inspection videos and photos from field surveys for viewing in the field or office. Most recently, the City has deployed MobileMMS to integrate their work order system and their GIS data. 

Yolo 2.jpg
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Improves Water Quality Analysis with Custom Database

Websoft Developers (WSD) built a Water Resources Information Database (WRID) to help the County manage disparate sources of data. The online map-based Well Database Manage System provides authorized users with the ability to centrally access, enter, and analyze ground and surface water level, and quality for wells in the Yolo County Area. 

Geospatial Solutions
Nevada Division of Water Resources Modernizes with Websoft

The State needed a modern tracking system to improve efficiency and auditing capabilities. Websoft Developers digitized the original maps and created direct links to an existing Water Rights database. Georeferences were created to provide easy access to the map and associated POD/POU data. In addition to digitizing the maps, a custom Water Map Approval Tracking (WAT) application was developed to enable record management functions, including record access, corrections and approvals within the system. The maps are digitized in AutoCAD and migrated into an ArcSDE database upon completion.

Application Develoment
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