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About Us

Since 1998, Websoft Developers (WSD) has helped government agencies and private corporations of all sizes operate more efficiently and reliably by leveraging information technology. We built a team of experts in web development, wireless communications, and software programming. After a decade of aligning business solutions with changing technology trends, we focused our service-oriented expertise on developing functional map-based asset management tools. 


In 2009, we introduced a mapping platform called FacilitiesMap. In 2015, we launched a full-scale asset management software, Mobile Maintenance Management (MobileMMS). These tools are completely integrated with Esri ArcGIS and with out-of-the-box support. In addition to these turnkey software solutions, we offer a range of custom application development services. 

About Us

Why Us? 

Simplicity. Flexibility. Value.

Unlike asset management platforms that take months or years to fully implement, our solutions can provide value within days or weeks. Many tools in the market today are so complicated and difficult to use, only a fraction of their capability is realized. We develop solutions that anyone can use, especially critical field users. The user experience can be designed for any stakeholder group and the intuitive interface is easy to learn.

As a full-service solution provider, we take pride in managing software setup, implementation, integration, training and support. We do not bring in other companies or contractors because exceptional customer service is how we have maintained strong client relationships for over two decades. 

Why Us?

Our Vision

Many lofty promises are made when it comes to asset management solutions. We set ourselves apart by delivering functional, map-based solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed without excessive costs.


Our pricing is easy to understand, our staff is responsive and our customers are doing their jobs more efficiently because asset management tools work.   

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