State of Nevada, Division of Water Resources

Water Rights Digitizing and Georeferencing

The State of Nevada, Division of Water Resources (NDWR) hired us to digitize all of their 14,000 water rights maps. In Nevada, water rights are bought, sold, subdivided, and combined just like land. Each water rights map is a legal document that contains the Point of Diversion (POD) (where the water comes from) and Place of Use (POU) (where it is used). Our job was to digitize the maps and link them to a pre-existing Water Rights database. We began by georeferencing the scanned water rights map and drawing the POD and POU. Some of the maps could have several POD/POU combinations. In addition, some of the maps date back to the 1800s making them tough to read at best.

In combination with the digitization effort, Websoft developed a Water Map Approval Tracking (WAT) application to track the check-out, check-in, digitization, correction, and approval process. The maps are digitized in AutoCAD and migrated into an ArcSDE database upon completion.