State of Nevada, State Lands

Websoft was hired to develop an application that allowed users to manage all of the State-owned lands in Nevada.  This includes acquisitions, disposals, permits, easements, inspections, certifications, and authorizations.  This application includes both a mapping and application component.  This project utilized many of the core competencies of Websoft including:

  • Application Development: The current application that the State used had to be redeveloped to insure functional equivalency while at the same time providing tremendous improvements in ease of use and integration of new features.
  • Database migration: The MS Access database had to be ported to the new SQL Server structure.  Websoft utilized a product called FME by Safe Software to retarget the application to the new structure.
  • Integrated accounting: The application is responsible for handling all financial transactions and reporting.
  • GIS: Integration of GIS data from 17 different counties each with their own parcel format along with object data representing State owned lands and associated interests.