North Marin Water District

GIS Assessment

After completing the first phase of the GIS Master Plan, the District hired WSD to develop a prototype of the GIS using a sample of the District’s water system. The objective of the project was to determine what issues and constraints exist in converting the CAD maps into a GIS. The AutoCAD drawings were manipulated and modified using AutoCAD and FME to format them for use in GIS. Water system features including water pipes, valves and hydrants were redrawn or re created so that they can be used in GIS and in network modeling software. The features were assigned key identifiers and linked to existing or sample databases provided by the District. A list of issues and steps taken to format the CAD drawings was provided to the district along with an estimate of the level effort to complete the remaining water system.

WSD worked with the District to evaluate its current AutoCAD based mapping to determine if it can be used in a GIS. We reviewed their current mapping procedures, digital files and databases to determine what the best course of action would be to further the District into GIS. The project was separated into two phases. A short term plan was developed in the first phase. The short term plan detailed the steps that should be taken to modify current procedures so that any drafting updates would include GIS data. The purpose of the short term plan is to allow staff to continuing mapping updates while create GIS data that will be used in the future. In the next phase of the project m we will develop a Master Plan that will allow the District to create budget items and determine which software and staffing will be required to implement a district wide GIS.