City of Reno, NV

Infrastructure Management System Evaluation/Update and Implementation

Websoft was hired by the City to perform an evaluation of its current mapping and database system for managing wastewater collection system infrastructure. Websoft held several working meetings with City staff to identify and document the procedures that were used to maintain the wastewater system mapping and related database information. Websoft evaluated the usage of ArcINFO, AutoCAD Map, and customized ArcView scripts to determine the City was using the most efficient methods to maintain considerable amounts of mapping information. In addition, Websoft reviewed numerous spreadsheets that were maintained by individuals for various aspects of sewer system operations to determine how they could be integrated into one master database. A customized Stantec infrastructure management application (IMA) was also interrogated to determine how its data could be extracted and integrated into an overall sewer system database. A technical memorandum was provided to the City which contained documentation of the procedures taken for map updates, recommendations for streamlining the map update procedure, recommendations for development of a master database and technical details that would be accomplished and a cost estimate for execution of the recommendations.

Websoft was then hired by the City to implement the recommendations described in the evaluation.  Websoft worked with the City to revise their workflow for the creation, maintenance and updating of the wastewater utilities data.  The first step in the process was to develop new tools for the engineering staff to use for drafting wastewater utilities.  Websoft developed tools for AutoCAD Map to allow drafters to draw wastewater utilities with ease and efficiently while enforcing data integrity including auto numbering of feature ID’s, enforcing correct layering and connectivity.  Websoft then developed an enterprise database using SQL Server for the wastewater system and created tools for the City to enter information tied to the GIS features into the database.  Websoft then created a web based GIS interface called FacilitiesMap based on MapGuide enterprise to deliver the mapping and database information to a wide variety of users.  In addition, Websoft tied over 5 terabytes of TV inspections videos and photos from field surveys to the FacilitiesMap.  Websoft developed scripts to export data in various data formats using Safe Software’s FME.  Websoft provided documentation and training to the City for usage and maintenance of the system.