City of Lodi, CA

GIS/Cartegraph Integration


Geodatabase design

For the City of Lodi, we created a geodatabase for the City’s Sewer Assets that eliminated the need for multiple data repositories and allowed for the implementation of the City’s Cartegraph CMMS.  We began by performing an on-site assessment of the City’s GIS stakeholders, existing data, and workflows to determine their needs with regards to a unified sanitary sewer geodatabase.   Based on this assessment, we determined how to transition the existing ArcSDE database and other data sources to the ESRI Local Government Information Model for Sanitary Sewers using SQL Spatial. We used Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) to populate the newly created Geodatabase from the various sewer utility data sources.  These sources include the existing sewer asset inventory as well as related Microsoft Access and Excel databases.  By designing the scripts in FME, we were able to quickly make migration adjustments.  This allowed rapid iteration to find the optimal translation between the existing environment and the newly created Geodatabase. As part of this task, we normalized the data to conform with the newly created database.  This included creating domain (lookup) tables for selected attributes and normalizing existing data to fit these domains.


Cartegraph integration

We ensured that CarteGraph and the ArcSDE Geodatabase are functionally and fully-integrated for the Public Works sewer utility. This included providing technical guidance/support/debugging ensuring that both systems operate together without error.  Part of this setup included developing the appropriate work flows for the creation and editing of assets that relate to the utilities GIS and MMS systems.  This integration allows staff to do spatial analysis on maintenance activities and develop maps based on that analysis.  The analysis and exhibits are created in the CarteGraph GISDirector software.  We also assisted the City with the implementation of the CarteGraph Mobile and CarteGraph YourGOV Mobile solutions.