City of Napa, CA

Geodatabase design

For the City of Napa, we developed a GIS Data Model in accordance with the ESRI Data Model Standard and Guidelines for Water Utility assets.  This model, developed in SQL Spatial, contained a comprehensive and complete ESRI Geodatabase design for the water system GIS activities.  We used Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) to populate the newly created Geodatabase from the various water utility data sources.  These sources included the existing water asset inventory as well as related Microsoft Access and Excel databases.  By designing the scripts in FME, we were able to quickly make migration adjustments.  This allowed rapid iteration to find the optimal translation between the existing environment and the newly created Geodatabase. As part of this task we normalized the data to conform with the newly created database.  This included creating domain (lookup) tables for selected attributes and normalizing existing data to fit these domains.