City of Chico



Web-Based GIS

We deployed our FacilitiesMap web-based GIS viewing software for the City. This included customizing the interface to fit the existing design of the City’s web site. Websoft incorporated the City’s existing ESRI ArcView shape files into the system so they can be display on the web site. Websoft is hosting the site at its own data center in Davis, California.


Document Management System

As part of this ongoing project, Websoft tied the City’s extensive scanned document archive to parcel and asset locations. This allows any connected user to view as-built drawings, permits, and other related scanned records. These documents can be searched by several user-selectable fields. Links are automatically displayed when an asset or parcel is selected with an attached document.


Maintenance Management System (MMS)

The goal of this on-going project is to provide a simple method of performing three basic functions within the City. The first is to have a unified method of taking Work Requests from both city personnel as well as citizens. The second function is to track and complete service requests. The third is to log the activity of the City work crews.

Each of these functions is tied to map assets (e.g., Parcels, sewer lines, traffic signals) so that asset work can be reported and analyzed. Since the city has a unique way of tracking work activities, Websoft had to develop a custom maintenance management system that closely paralleled their current system while at the same time providing for robust tracking, reporting, and management capabilities.


Traffic Management System

Websoft has also developed a web-based traffic system viewer that allows traffic planners to view traffic counts, traffic studies, and traffic amendments throughout the city. This traffic application uses connected traffic counts from the Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG) and traffic modeling information from the City’s Visum program.