Spatial Applications

The Sanitary Sewer Module gives you complete information on your waste water management system while at the same time providing regulatory compliance information including those from the following agencies:


Our Sanitary Sewer System Viewer achieves this high level of integration by combining information from several different sources into a single viewer that gives administration, maintenance personnel, engineers, and planners the data that they need. Examples include:

    • Engineers reference as-built drawings to provide accurate structure data
    • Administrators view discharge permits to supply contact information
    • Field crews collect Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) information in real-time to insure accurate reporting
    • Managers determine Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) hotspots to enable more effective source control
    • Inspectors reference enforcement actions to determine follow-up activities


We developed the Sanitary Sewer Module initially to meet the California Bay Area Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) and the California Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements For Sanitary Sewer Systems, but governmental regulatory agencies throughout the nation use these same practices to meet discharge and reporting goals. The Sewer System Viewer meets these requirements in the following ways:

  • Collection System Map: At the heart of your operation is a map of your assets. With a GIS-based collection system map, any user, anywhere can view information about your assets and make quick, informed decisions and analysis. The Sewer System Viewer has the ability to track several different types of assets.
    1. Manhole, Rodhole, or Sewer Main : Selecting a manhole or rodhole will bring up supplemental information on the structure in the left information box.
    2. Pump Station: Selecting a pump station will show basin information in the left information box. Clicking on the report button will bring up a detailed report including pump and valve information. This data can also be edited.
    3. Force Main: By selecting force main, either summary or detailed information can be displayed.
    4. Parcel: Parcel information can also be displayed in the same manner.
    • Maintenance: Activity tracking shows scheduled cleanings and other maintenance activities. By selecting an agency asset, field maintenance personnel can enter daily preventative maintenance and public request for assistance. Activities can be tracked for various functions depending on agency asset and the type of work performed.


    • Overflow Emergency Response Plan: Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) information can not only be collected online, but also you can track follow on activities and locations as they occur:


  • Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program: In this example, we will show how the Sewer System Viewer help your agency comply with FOG requirements. In the map, we show a Golf Course (highlighted) as a representative Food Service Establishment (FSE). This will be realized through the following:
    1. Food Service Establishment identification
    2. Source control inspection
    3. Structured hot-spot identification: Sophisticated search routines allow district management to determine criterion for the identification of hot spots.
    • Government Regulation Compliance Log: The Sewer System Viewer allows for all compliance documents to be referenced from a single location. For the State of California this will be the SSMP documents that show compliance with the new regulations. This database can be customized to represent your state or federal regulations and compliance information.


  • Condition Assessment
    1. Condition assessment recording: create form with the following fields
    2. Attach TV or inspection
    3. Search Condition Assessment form
  • Training

What if my agency does not have GIS?

All of these modules can be linked to databases of sewer mains, parcels, FSEs, and other assets without the need for a map or any GIS capabilities. This can be done by creating a web-based application designed for your agency with the same characteristics as the GIS-based product described above. This could be either hosted at your location or ours if you don’t have the capabilities. For further information please contact us.