Spatial Applications

We offer a broad range of desktop  and web-based View some of our Spatial Applicationsapplications that help your organization effectively use your spatial data. We service our customers with both custom-built and off-the-shelf products that effectively allow users to add, edit, and modify their information.

Our flagship product, FacilitiesMap is a web-based solution for your facilities management needs. With our software modules you can manage, develop and maintain your data in real time through your Intranet, over the Internet, or in the field. The FacilitiesMap collection of software modules can be used by cities, counties, special districts, state and federal agencies, private utilities, and building managers to efficiently manage their infrastructure and resource data. The power of our FacilitiesMap product lies not only in its ability to view physical assets, but also in its ability to link data from various sources to these assets. Some examples include:


    • Financial records can be linked to parcels providing a complete picture during residential inquiries
    • As-built drawings can be tied to their associated sewer lines to give detailed information during field repairs
    • Maintenance management information from packages such as Maintstar, Hansens, or GBA can be associated with their referenced location so field crews can respond more efficiently
    • Permitting records from packages such as Permits Plus or Accela Automation can be tied to parcels or subdivisions to indicate their current development status
    • Aerial and topographical information can be combined with other spatial data to give a complete view of the area before service crews or emergency personnel arrive at the scene.
    • Information stored in Document Management Systems like Hummingbird can be tied into the system to allow for one-stop information gathering.


With over 50 customers, we have developed modules that fit nearly every application. Some of our modules include:

    • FacilitiesMap Base Viewer: This module provides a web based portal to your parcel, water, sewer, storm drain, and other agency asset information. This module allows administrative staff, customer support, planning, and engineering staff quick access to asset-based information. This easy access increases the productivity and response time of your staff.
    • Sanitary Sewer Module: The Sanitary Sewer Module gives a complete picture of your sewer assets while at the same time keeping you up to speed on your regulatory compliance. We have designed this module to comply with EPA reporting standards including the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Bay Area Clean Water Agency Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP).
    • GlobeXplorer Module: The GlobeXplorer module allows users of MapGuide 6.5 to seamlessly integrate the vast repository of aerial and satellite imagery available through the GlobeXplorer Service.


We support a multitude of development platforms, including:

    • AutoCAD MapGuide Enterprise, MapGuide Opensource, MapGuide 6.5
    • ESRI ArcGIS, ArcIMS Server and ArcGIS Server
    • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2005