WSD began hosting web sites in 1994 – before there was a Yahoo! or a Google, before there was EBay or even E-commerce. We’ve watched the Internet evolve and helped View some of our Hosting Projectsour customers evolve with it. For over ten years! These days, you often don’t know what you’re buying or who you’re paying when you sign up for web hosting online – most “web hosting companies” are just resellers who mark up other people’s products and pass the savings on to themselves! At WSD, we own our own servers, maintain our own data center, and employ a full-time staff of technical support specialists and expert web designers.

Unlike, we’re here to put our decade of internet experience and knowledge to work for you. Don’t waste valuable time and money trusting your business’s web presence to unreliable, unproven hosting services. WSD has been here, and will continue to be here supporting you and your company how you need it, and when you need it.

If you’re moving your website from another provider, WSD will happily work with them to ensure a smooth transition with little or no downtime. If you’re just getting started, WSD can help you conceive, architect, and produce your website. Our expert staff is second to none in producing attractive, effective sites at competitive prices. Put us to the test!

We offer the following hosting services:

  • Dedicated GIS Hosting
  • Web hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms
  • DNS Hosting
  • Postini Spam Filtering
  • .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, FrontPage and Perl
  • Support for SQL Server, MySQL and other databases

  • Autodesk and ESRI GIS Hosting
  • SSL
  • E-Commerce Hosting
  • List Servers
  • Service Provider Migration

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