Websoft LAND

Websoft LAND when combined with Websoft FacilitiesMap and Websoft WORKFLOW provides a complete land management application including spatial referencing, land administration, and project tracking. Websoft LAND displays the complete picture of land ownership on an agency map and includes the ability to track both land and sovereign waters (submerged land). A simple search provides users with the capability to quickly see land boundaries, interests, included parcels, surrounding geography, and associated information.

Users can view the complete information history by selecting the associated application tab. Each land or water has many associated pieces of information including :

  • Interests: A contractual event on the land such as an easement or acquisition
  • Projects: A process that resulted in contractual event
  • Assignments: Allowing another agency to manage the land
  • Inspections: Documenting that the land is being actively managed
  • Improvements: Constructions occurring on the land

Websoft LAND also has the ability to track financial transactions resulting from interests such as permits, easements, acquisitions, disposals, and leases. Users can associate contracts with any interest. These contracts have terms such as the length, structures such as buoys or piers, and legal descriptions. The terms of the contracts also includes the legal entity responsible for the contract as well as invoices associated with the contract. These invoices and legal entities are synchronized with the agencies financial accounting software.

Our explanation only scratched the surface of the capabilities of Websoft LAND. Give us a call and we’ll show how your agency can start effectively managing your land assets today.