Websoft FacilitiesMap

Out of the box, Websoft FacilitiesMap has the power to revolutionize the way that you view and utilize your assets and information. Websoft FacilitiesMap is a web-based tool that allows any authorized internet-connected device the ability to view agency information. We have spent the last 10 years helping agencies such as yours maximize their GIS investment. Some of the features of Websoft FacilitiesMap include:


    • Restricted Access: Anytime that you log into the site, you will need to enter your username and password. Only users approved by you can get in. Also, based on their authorization level, only certain users can view and edit certain information.
    • Asset management: Administrators can control what information users can see and how that information is presented.
    • Building and floor viewing: Not only can users view ground-based assets such as water mains and hydrants, but they can now also view building-based assets such as rooms and HVAC systems.
    • Dynamic searching: With the robust user administrator, you can pick layers, fields, and ordering for your searches. Users will be able to quickly find their information.


    • Redline management: With redline management your team can build an entire workflow around updating map objects.
    • Data editing: Users with required access can edit asset information.
    • Point data insertion: Users can insert point data (e.g., hydrants, water leaks, sanitary events) along with associated asset information. Field personnel can add subsequent correspondence or field report information to the record after creation.
    • Application integration: Through the administrator, external applications are linked to map objects. Here we show an example of a Maintenance Management System.
    • Document management: Websoft FacilitiesMap allows you to link your in-house document management system (e.g., Sire) or create your own document management system¬†Database linking: The Websoft FacilitiesMap administrator allows you to link any database to map objects based on any attribute. This applies to traditional database sources as well as ODBC connected legacy databases.