Websoft District changes the way agencies manage their Special Financing Districts. We have taken the various information associated with managing these districts and combined it into a single application. Websoft District can operate either as a stand-alone application or as a module within the Websoft FacilitiesMap framework. When used together with Websoft FacilitiesMap, users will be able to view GIS related information such as parcel and district inventory with associated tax history and summary information. Because of the integrated security features of Websoft FacilitiesMap, the integration of Websoft District allows a convenient method for the public to determine tax information without compromising sensitive district information.

Some of the features of Websoft District include:

    • District information: Websoft District provides district information from both the map and application interface. The two pieces of the application work seamlessly together to provide a complete picture of district information.
    • Budgeting: Financial analysts can easily create budgets by utilizing customized templates to develop by-district worksheets. These worksheets can be copied to different budget versions or different budget years. Once completed, these budgets can be uploaded to the financial accounting software.
    • Bond tracking: Websoft District tracks key bond information and allows administrators to build a complete picture of the bonds including improvement funds, structure, insurance, and account balances. Administrators can also refund bonds and track even non-special district bonds such as those used to fund utilities and public facilities.
    • Account linking: Websoft District links account information both within the financial accounting software and through offsite administration. These accounts include not only the budgeting accounts, but also the improvement fund, cash, and special tax funds.
    • Taxation/Tax roll integration: Websoft District imports information from both the County tax roll as well as taxation information from the financial administrators to build a complete picture of taxation by parcel.
    • Document tracking: Websoft District links directly with the Agency’s Document Management System. Administrators create target links to provide specific district information so that users can find information quickly.
    • Process reminders: Websoft District provides reminders for district managers to alert them to upcoming tasks, general notes, and process to support district-specific work flows.
    • Zone management: Websoft District allows administrators to create zones within the district in support of zone-based budgeting and account management.
    • Reporting: Websoft District provides users with three methods of reporting – off-the-shelf, simple customizable, and integrated Crystal reporting.
    • Optional public access: Websoft District offers optional public access. Public users can view summary district information, manipulate map information, and access parcel reports to determine district taxation.